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European Radio Map: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

Европейская радио карта: Россия-Беларусь-Украина / Еўрапейская радыё карта: Расія-Беларусь-Украіна / Європейська радіо карта: Росія-Білорусь-Україна

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Radio stations in Russia / Радиостанции в России

    Radio broadcasting in Russia began in 1924 (Popov radio station, Moscow), FM radio was introduced in 1946. Founded in 1990, The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) – ВГТРК is the largest state-owned national public broadcaster with four radio networks, and over 80 regional branches. International service Sputnik is an online-based radio service in 31 languages, formerly known as Radio Moscow and Voice of Russia. Broadcasting is regulated by Roskomnadzor – Роскомнадзор . Currently there are xx national networks and over xx local stations in Russia, using xx FM and xx MW transmitters. Primary language on radio is Russian with minority-language stations in some of the republics.

Radio stations in Belarus / Радыёстанцыі ў Беларусі

    Radio broadcasting in Belarus began in 1925 (Minsk). Primary languages on radio are Belarusian and Russian.

Radio stations in Ukraine / Радіостанції в Україні

    Radio broadcasting in Ukraine began in 1924 (Kharkov). Primary languages on radio are Ukrainian and Russian.

Radio stations in Donetsk P.R. / Радиостанции в ДНР

    Radio broadcasting in Donetsk began in 1927 (then Stalino). Broadcasting in Donetsk People's Republic is regulated by the Ministry of Communications – Министерство связи ДНР . Primary language on radio is Russian.

Radio stations in Lugansk P.R. / Радиостанции в ЛНР

    Radio broadcasting in Lugansk began in 1927. Broadcasting in Lugansk People's Republic is regulated by Ministry of Information – Мининформ ЛНР . Primary language on radio is Russian.

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