Radio stations in Hull

Click on the radio station name to listen online. Local stations should give strong reception. The other stations, highlighted in light gray, will give weaker reception. Reception can vary within a town or city, in particular, more stations will be received on higher ground. Some community stations only cover part of a city.
FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.80 BBC Radio 2 Lincoln, Belmont
  89.30 BBC Radio 2 Holme Moss
  90.90 BBC Radio 3 Lincoln, Belmont
  91.50 BBC Radio 3 Holme Moss
  93.10 BBC Radio 4
BBC World Service
Lincoln, Belmont
  93.70 BBC Radio 4
BBC World Service
Holme Moss
  94.90 BBC Radio Lincolnshire
BBC Radio 5 Live
Lincoln, Belmont
  95.90 BBC Radio Humberside
BBC Radio 5 Live
High Hunsley
  96.40 Compass FM Grimsby, Bevan House
  96.90 Viking FM High Hunsley
  98.30 BBC Radio 1 Lincoln, Belmont
  98.90 BBC Radio 1 Holme Moss
  99.80 KCFM 99.8 Humber Bridge North Pier
100.50 Classic FM Lincoln, Belmont
101.10 Classic FM Holme Moss
102.20 Lincs FM Lincoln, Belmont
103.40 Hallam FM Doncaster, Clifton
103.70 BBC Radio York
BBC Radio 5 Live
York, Acklam Wold
104.10 BBC Radio Sheffield
BBC Radio 5 Live
Holme Moss
104.70 Minster FM York, Acklam Wold
105.10 Capital Yorkshire Emley Moor
105.80 Capital Yorkshire High Hunsley
106.20 Heart Yorkshire Emley Moor
106.90 West Hull FM Hull Royal Infirmary
107.40 Hull Kingston Radio Muswell Court
107.80 Beverley FM Beverley
DAB,MHz Station Transmitter
BBC Radio York
Capital Yorkshire
Minster FM
North Yorkshire Oldies
Smooth Radio
Stray FM
Vale Radio
Radio Yorkshire
Yorkshire Coast Radio
York, Acklam Wold + Harrogate, Harlow Hill
Absolute 80s
Awesome Radio
Fun Kids
Heat Radio
Jazz FM
Magic Chilled
Mellow Magic
Panjab Radio
Planet Rock
Premier Christian Radio
Premier Praise
Share Radio
Sunrise Radio
talkSPORT 2
Virgin Radio
Cave Wold + Lincoln, Belmont
Absolute Classic Rock
Absolute Radio 90s
BBC Radio Humberside
Capital Yorkshire
Heat Radio
Smooth Radio
Viking FM
Viking 2
Viking 3
Cave Wold
Absolute Radio
Absolute 80s
BFBS Radio 1
Capital Xtra
Classic FM
Heart extra
LBC Radio
Planet Rock
Premier Christian Radio
Smooth Extra
Lincoln, Belmont
BBC Radio Lincolnshire
Compass FM
Lincs FM
Lincoln, Belmont
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1Xtra
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
BBC Radio 6 Music
BBC Asian Network
BBC World Service
High Hunsley + Lincoln, Belmont Transmitter
LW,kHz Station Transmitter
    162 France Inter France, Allouis transmitter, 2000 kW
    198 BBC Radio 4
BBC World Service
Birmingham, Droitwich, 500 kW
    252 RTÉ Radio 1 Extra Ireland, Dublin, Clarkestown, 500 kW
MW,kHz Station Transmitter
    693 BBC Radio 5 Live Birmingham, Droitwich, 150 kW
    909 BBC Radio 5 Live Huddersfield, Moorside Edge, 200 kW
  1053 talkSPORT Paull, 1 kW
  1089 talkSPORT Huddersfield, Moorside Edge, 100 kW
  1161 Viking 2 Goxhill, 350 W
  1215 Absolute Radio Paull, 320 W
  1350 Kingstown Hospital Radio Hull Royal Infirmary (LPAM)



High Hunsley transmitting station

Coordinates: 53°48'11" N, 00°33'55" W
High Hunsley is a small hamlet in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. To the west of the settlement is the 61 m (200 ft) High Hunsley transmitter which is used by local radio stations BBC Radio Humberside, 96.9 Viking FM and Capital FM Yorkshire. The ground around the transmitter is at a height of around 160 m (520 ft) above sea level.


More info: Wikipedia MB21

Lincoln, Belmont transmitting station

Coordinates: 53°20'09" N, 00°10'19" W
The Belmont transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility in Lincolnshire, England. It is owned and operated by Arqiva. It has a guyed tubular steel mast, with a lattice upper section. The mast was shortened in April 2010 and is now 351.65 m (1,154 ft) in height. From its location, high in the Lincolnshire Wolds, it broadcasts digital television and both analogue and digital radio to Lincolnshire, eastern Yorkshire, northern parts of Norfolk and Nottinghamshire.


More info: Wikipedia MB21 TheBigTower