Radio stations in St. Helier

Stations de radio à St.-Hélier

Click on the radio station name to listen online. Local stations should give strong reception. The other stations, highlighted in light gray, will give weaker reception. Reception can vary within a town or city, in particular, more stations will be received on higher ground. Some community stations only cover part of a city.
FM,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  88.80 BBC Radio Jersey Trinity, Les Platons
  89.60 BBC Radio 2 Trinity, Les Platons
  89.90 France Musique France, Rennes, Saint-Pern
  90.60 Radio Flam' France, Flamanville
  91.10 BBC Radio 3 Trinity, Les Platons
  91.50 France Culture France, Caen, Mont Pinçon
  91.90 Fun Radio France, Lessay, Millières
  93.20 BBC Radio Guernsey Guernsey, Les Touillets
  93.50 France Inter France, Rennes, Saint-Pern
  94.80 BBC Radio 4 Trinity, Les Platons
  95.20 Tendance Ouest France, Lessay, Montgardon
  95.60 France Musique France, Caen, Mont Pinçon
  97.10 BBC Radio 1 Trinity, Les Platons
  98.30 France Culture France, Rennes, Saint-Pern
  99.60 France Inter France, Caen, Mont Pinçon
101.90 NRJ France, Coutances
102.60 France Bleu Normandie (Caen) France, Caen, Mont Pinçon
102.90 NRJ France, Les Pieux, Grosville
103.10 France Bleu Armorique France, Rennes, Saint-Pern
103.70 Channel 103 Frémont Point
104.20 France Bleu Cotentin France, Lessay, Le mont Castre
104.70 Island FM Guernsey, Les Touillets
106.20 Tendance Ouest France, Granville
DAB,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1Xtra
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC Radio 5 live
BBC Radio 5 live sports extra
BBC Radio 6 Music
BBC Asian Network
BBC World Service
Trinity, Les Platons
LW,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
    198 BBC Radio 4 United Kingdom, Birmingham, Droitwich, 500 kW
    234 RTL Luxembourg, Beidweiler, 1500 kW
    252 RTÉ Radio 1 Ireland, Dublin, Summerhill, 150 kW
MW,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
    693 BBC Radio 5 live United Kingdom, Start Point, 80 kW
    882 BBC Radio Wales
BBC World Service
United Kingdom, Washford, 100 kW
  1026 BBC Radio Jersey Trinity, 1 kW
  1089 talkSPORT United Kingdom, Washford, 50 kW
  1116 BBC Radio Guernsey Guernsey, Rohais, 500 W
  1215 Absolute Radio United Kingdom, Washford, 50 kW
  1593 Bretagne 5 France, Saint-Gouéno, 5 kW


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Frémont Point transmitter

Coordinates: 49°15'06" N, 02°07'53" W ; Tower height: 135 m (443 ft)
The Frémont Point transmitting station is a facility for FM and television transmission at Frémont, Vingtaine du Nord, Saint John, Jersey. It serves the whole of the Channel Islands, either directly or via the relay stations at Mont Orgueil, Alderney, Saint Brelade, Saint Helier, St Peter Port, Torteval and Les Touillets - the latter of which is a high power relay which covers most of Guernsey.


More info: Wikipedia ; Liste émetteurs TV ; MB21

Les Platons transmitter

Coordinates: 54°10'07" N, 04°36'19" W
Les Platons is the highest point of Jersey with an altitude of 143 metres (469 ft).


More info: MB21