Radio stations in Aberdeen

Stèiseanan rèidio ann an Obar Dheathain

Click on the radio station name to listen online. Local stations should give strong reception. The other stations, highlighted in light gray, will give weaker reception. Reception can vary within a town or city, in particular, more stations will be received on higher ground. Some community stations only cover part of a city. Many web-streams are limited to a UK audience only due to Broadcast licensing rules.
FM,MHz Station / Rèidio Transmitter / Crann-sgaoilidh
  88.30 BBC Radio 2 Dundee, Forfar
  88.70 BBC Radio 2 Meldrum
  89.40 BBC Radio 2 Durris
  90.50 BBC Radio 3 Dundee, Forfar
  90.90 BBC Radio 3 Meldrum
  91.60 BBC Radio 3 Durris
  92.70 BBC Radio Scotland Dundee, Forfar
  93.10 BBC Radio Scotland Meldrum
  93.80 BBC Radio Scotland Durris
  94.90 BBC Radio 4 Dundee, Forfar
  95.30 BBC Radio 4 Meldrum
  95.90 BBC Radio 4 Durris
  96.90 Northsound 1 Durris
  97.60 Northsound 1 Balgownie
  97.90 BBC Radio 1 Dundee, Forfar
  98.30 BBC Radio 1 Meldrum
  99.00 BBC Radio 1 Durris
  99.80 shmu FM Stewart Park Court
100.10 Classic FM Dundee, Angus
100.50 Classic FM Meldrum
101.20 Waves Radio Fraserburgh, Mormond Hill
102.80 Tay FM Dundee, Angus
103.70 BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Dundee, Forfar
104.20 BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Meldrum
105.70 Mearns FM Stonehaven
106.30 Original 106 Redmoss - Nigg
106.80 Original 106 Durris
DAB,MHz Station / Rèidio Transmitter / Crann-sgaoilidh
Absolute Radio 80s
Absolute Radio 90s
Forces Radio BFBS
Fun Kids
Jazz FM
Mellow Magic
Planet Rock
Premier Christian Radio
Premier Praise
Scala Radio
Sunrise Radio
talkSPORT 2
Times Radio
Union Jack
Union Jack Dance
Union Jack Rock
Virgin Radio
Virgin Radio Anthems
Virgin Radio Chilled
BBC Radio nan Gàidheal
BBC Radio Scotland
Mearns FM
Northsound 1
Northsound 2
Virgin Radio Groove
Waves Radio
Virgin Radio
Durris + Meldrum
Absolute Radio
Capital (UK)
Capital Dance
Capital Xtra
Capital Xtra Reloaded
Classic FM
Heart (UK)
Heart Dance
Heart 70s
Heart 80s
Heart 90s
LBC News
Magic Radio
Radio X
Smooth Radio (UK)
Durris + Redmoss
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1Xtra
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC Radio 5 live
BBC Radio 5 live sports extra
BBC Radio 6 Music
BBC Asian Network
BBC World Service
Durris + Balgownie + Redmoss + Meldrum
LW,kHz Station / Rèidio Transmitter / Crann-sgaoilidh
    198 BBC Radio 4 Glasgow, Westerglen, 50 kW
    252 RTÉ Radio 1 Ireland, Dublin, Summerhill, 150 kW
MW,kHz Station / Rèidio Transmitter / Crann-sgaoilidh
    693 BBC Radio 5 live Redmoss - Nigg, 1 kW
    810 BBC Radio Scotland Burghead, 100 kW
    909 BBC Radio 5 live Glasgow, Westerglen, 50 kW
    990 BBC Radio nan Gàidheal Redmoss - Nigg, 1 kW
  1035 Northsound 2 Redmoss - Nigg, 800 W
  1215 Absolute Radio Glasgow, Westerglen, 50 kW
  1449 BBC Radio 4 Redmoss - Nigg, 2 kW


Weather / Aimsir

Meldrum transmitting station

Coordinates: 57°23'09" N, 02°24'03" W ; Elevation: 244 m (800 ft); Tower height: 133.5 m (438 ft)
The Meldrum transmitting station is a facility for FM and TV broadcasting on Core Hill in the Formartine area, Scotland. It has a guyed mast 133.5 metres tall and coverage includes most of Aberdeenshire.


More info: MB21

Durris transmitting station

Coordinates: 56°59'59" N, 02°23'30" W ; Elevation: 325 m (1066 ft); Tower height: 322 m (1056 ft)
The Durris transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility, situated close to the town of Stonehaven, within Durris which is an area also known as Kincardineshire. It is owned and operated by Arqiva. The transmission antennas surmounting the structure are contained within a fibreglass cylinder. It was constructed in 1961 and coverage includes north east Scotland, from Montrose in the south to Fraserburgh in the north, including the city of Aberdeen.


More info: Wikipedia ; MB21