Radio stations in Birmingham

Click on the radio station name to listen online. Local stations should give strong reception. The other stations, highlighted in light gray, will give weaker reception. Reception can vary within a town or city, in particular, more stations will be received on higher ground. Some community stations only cover part of a city. Many web-streams are limited to a UK audience only due to Broadcast licensing rules.
FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 BBC Radio 2 Sutton Coldfield
  89.1 BRMB Radio Barry Jackson Tower
  89.3 BBC Radio 2 Holme Moss
  90.5 BBC Radio 3 Sutton Coldfield
  91.3 Raaj FM Sandwell, West Bromwich
  91.5 BBC Radio 3 Holme Moss
  92.7 BBC Radio 4 Sutton Coldfield
  93.5 Unity FM Birmingham East
  93.7 BBC Radio 4 Holme Moss
  94.6 BBC Radio Stoke Stoke-on-Trent, Alsagers Bank
  94.8 BBC CWR Meriden
  95.6 BBC Radio WM Sutton Coldfield
  96.0 BBC Radio Shropshire Telford, The Wrekin
  96.4 Free Radio (Birmingham) Sutton Coldfield
  97.2 Free Radio (Wolverhampton) Wolverhampton, Turners Hill
  97.9 BBC Radio 1 Sutton Coldfield
  98.7 New Style Radio Cambridge Tower
  98.9 BBC Radio 1 Holme Moss
100.1 Classic FM Sutton Coldfield
100.7 Heart (W Midlands) Sutton Coldfield
101.1 Classic FM Holme Moss
101.6 Capital (Staffordshire) Tamworth
102.0 Capital (Stratford) Stratford-upon-Avon, Lark Stoke
102.2 Capital (Birmingham) Metropolitan House
102.6 Signal 1 Stoke-on-Trent, Alsagers Bank
103.1 Free Radio (Wolverhampton) Telford, The Wrekin
103.6 Ambur Radio Walsall
103.7 BBC CWR Stratford-upon-Avon, Lark Stoke
104.4 BBC Hereford & Worcester Redditch, Headless Cross
104.9 BBC Radio Leicester Leicester, Copt Oak
105.2 Greatest Hits Radio (W Midlands) Sutton Coldfield
105.7 Smooth Radio (W Midlands) Sutton Coldfield
107.5 Switch Radio Castle Vale
107.7 Greatest Hits Radio (Black Country) Wolverhampton, Mander House
DAB,MHz Station Transmitter
45 Radio
Black Country Radio
Blue Dot Radio
BRMB Radio
Cosoro Radio
Radio Caroline
Radio Central 24
Club Asia Radio
Delite Radio
Fun Kids PopHits
Gaydio (UK)
Hope FM
Like ONE
London Greek Radio
Nation Radio (UK)
Panjab Radio
Rajo Radio
Sabras Radio
Sanskar Radio
Scratch Radio
Switch Radio
Tomorrowland OWR
Unity FM
Radio XL
Aston, Barry Jackson Tower + Castle Vale, Topcliffe Tower + Chelmsley Wood + Sutton Coldfield
Ambur Radio
Angel Vintage
Blue Dot Radio
BRMB Radio
Brumside Radio
Club Asia Radio
Fun Kids Radio
Fun Kids Radio
Gaydio (UK)
Gulshan Radio
Radio Maria (England)
Nation Radio (UK)
Switch Radio
Tomorrowland OWR
Unity FM
Radio XL
Ladywood + Lickey Hills + Solihull
Absolute Radio 80s
Absolute Radio 90s
BFBS Radio
Boom Radio
Capital Chill
Capital Xtra Reloaded
Fix Radio
Jazz FM
Mellow Magic
Planet Rock
Premier Christian Radio
Premier Praise
Scala Radio
Sunrise Radio (UK)
talkSPORT 2
Times Radio
Virgin Radio
Virgin Radio Anthems
Virgin Radio Chilled
Radio X Classic Rock
Metropolitan House + Lichfield + Lickey Hills + Wolverhampton, Turners Hill
BBC Radio WM
BBC Radio Shropshire
Absolute Classic Rock
Capital (Birmingham)
Free Radio (Wolverhampton)
Greatest Hits Radio (W Midlands)
Heart (W Midlands)
Smooth Radio (W Midlands)
Radio XL
Wolverhampton, Turners Hill
BBC Radio WM
Absolute Classic Rock
Absolute Radio Country
Capital (Birmingham)
Free Radio (Birmingham)
Greatest Hits Radio (W Midlands)
Heart (W Midlands)
Hits Radio (UK)
Magic Soul
Smooth Radio (W Midlands)
Smooth Country
Metropolitan House + Lichfield + Lickey Hills + Wolverhampton, Turners Hill
Absolute Radio
Capital (UK)
Capital Dance
Capital Xtra
Classic FM
GB News Radio
Heart (UK)
Heart Dance
Heart 70s
Heart 80s
Heart 90s
Heart 00s
LBC News
Magic Radio
Radio X
Smooth Radio (UK)
Smooth Chill
Sutton Coldfield + Wolverhampton, Turners Hill
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1Xtra
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra
BBC Radio 6 Music
BBC Asian Network
BBC World Service
Sutton Coldfield + Lickey Hills + Wolverhampton, Turners Hill
LW,kHz Station Transmitter
    198 BBC Radio 4 (LW) Droitwich, 500 kW
MW,kHz Station Transmitter
    693 BBC Radio 5 Live Droitwich, 150 kW
    828 BBC Asian Network Wolverhampton, Sedgley, 200 W
    882 BBC Radio Wales Extra Washford, 100 kW
    909 BBC Radio 5 Live Huddersfield, Moorside Edge, 200 kW
  1053 talkSPORT Droitwich, 500 kW
  1089 talkSPORT Huddersfield, Moorside Edge, 100 kW
  1296 Radio XL Langley Mill, 10 kW
  1458 BBC Asian Network Langley Mill, 5 kW
Online Station
  Sonic Stream Radio




Sutton Coldfield transmitting station

Coordinates: 52°36'02" N, 01°50'02" W ; Elevation: 167.7 m (550 ft); Tower height: 270.5 m (887 ft)
The Sutton Coldfield transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility located in north Sutton Coldfield, in Birmingham, England. On 17 December 1949, it became the first television transmitter to broadcast outside London and the Home Counties, bringing BBC Television to viewers outside of the south-east of England for the first time. A new mast was built around 1983 to replace the original structure, primarily to support new mixed-polarisation FM antennas. In terms of population covered, it is the second most important transmitter in the UK, after Crystal Palace in London.

More info: Wikipedia ; MB21 ; TheBigTower

Droitwich transmitting station

Coordinates: 52°17'48" N, 02°06'19" W ; Elevation: 58 m (192 ft); Tower height: 213 m (699 ft)
The Droitwich transmitting station is a large broadcasting facility for longwave and mediumwave transmissions, established in 1934 in the civil parish of Dodderhill, just outside the village of Wychbold, which is near Droitwich, Worcestershire, England. This transmission site is the location of the British Broadcasting Corporation's most powerful longwave transmitter, which together with the two Scottish longwave transmitters at Burghead and Westerglen forms part of a network broadcasting on the same frequency (198 kHz).

More info: Wikipedia ; MB21
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