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European Radio Map: France and Benelux

Carte européenne de radio: France-Benelux / Europese radiokaart: Frankrijk-Benelux / Jeropeeske radiokaart: Frankryk-Benelúks / Europäesch Radiokaart: Frankräich-Benelux

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Radio stations in France / Stations de radio en France

Paris radio stationsMarseille radio stationsNice radio stationsLyon radio stations    more ...

    Radio broadcasting in France began in 1921 (Tour Eiffel, Paris), preceded by cable service Théâtrophone (1890). FM radio was introduced in 1954 and DAB digital radio in 2010. Radio France is the main public radio broadcaster, with 6 national and 44 regional networks. La 1ère is the public network for French overseas departments and territories, while France Médias Monde provides external service, including Radio France Internationale – RFI . First private radio station launched in 1981. Broadcasting is regulated by the Audiovisual and digital communication regulatory authority – Arcom (Autorité de régulation de la communication audiovisuelle et numérique). Traffic radio is available on all major roads via low-power transmitters network on 107.7 FM. Medium wave transmissions ceased in 2015. Currently there are 18 national commercial networks and 850 local stations in France, using 9000 FM transmitters; one active LW and one SW station; DAB digital radio with 2 national and 60 local multiplexes. Primary language on radio is French.
    Area: 551 500 km²; Population: 68.3 million (Metropolitan); ITU country code: F; callsign prefix: F, HW~HY, TH, TK, TO~TQ, TV~TX

Radio stations in Monaco / Stations de radio à Monaco

Monaco radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Monaco began in 1943 (Radio Monte-Carlo), DAB digital radio was introduced in 2012. Today Radio Monte Carlo is broadcasting in France – RMC and Italy – RMC , the international radio service Monte Carlo Doualiya is part of France Médias Monde. Radio broadcasting in the Principality is provided by Monaco Media Diffusion – MMD (formerly Monte-Carlo Radiodiffusion). Currently there are 22 FM radio stations and 4 DAB multiplexes in Monaco. MMD also operates one one MW transmitter. Many radio stations from France and Italy are also receivable in the city-state of Monaco. Primary language on radio is French.
    Area: 2 km²; Population: 37 thou.; ITU country code: MCO; callsign prefix: 3A

Radio stations in Belguim / Stations de radio en Belgique / Radiozenders in België

Brussels radio stationsAntwerp radio stationsGhent radio stationsLiège radio stationsCharleroi radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Belguim began in 1923 (Radio-Bruxelles), FM radio was introduced in 1961, DAB digital radio in 1997. Belgium has three public broadcasters, one for each community: Flemish VRT , French RTBF and German BRF . First private radio station launched in 1980. Broadcasting is regulated by three media authorities: VRM for Flemish region, CSA for Wallonia and Brussels and Medienrat for the German-speaking Community. Currently there are 240 radio stations in Belgium, using 840 FM transmitters; DAB digital radio with 14 multiplexes. Primary languages on radio are French, Dutch and German.
    Area: 30 528 km²; Population: 11.6 million; ITU country code: BEL; callsign prefix: ON~OT

    Radio stations in Flanders / Radiozenders in Vlaanderen

Antwerp radio stationsGhent radio stations

    The Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization – VRT (Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie) is main public broadcaster with five FM networks. Broadcasting is regulated by thе Flemish Regulator for the Media – VRM (Vlaamse Regulator voor de Media). Primary language on radio is Dutch.
    Area: 13 522 km²; Population: 6.7 million; ITU country code: BEL (as part of Belguim); callsign prefix: ON~OT

    Radio stations in Wallonia / Stations de radio en Wallonie

Charleroi radio stationsLiège radio stations

    Belgian Francophone Radio-Television – RTBF (Radio Télévision Belge Francophone) is the main public broadcaster in the region with five FM networks. Belgian Broadcasting and Television Center of the German-speaking Community – BRF (Belgisches Rundfunk- und Fernsehzentrum der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft) is the German-language public broadcaster with two FM stations. Broadcasting is regulated by the Superior Council of Audiovisual – CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles) for Wallonia and Brussels and Medienrat (Medienrat der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft) for the German-speaking Community. Primary language on radio is French, with some stations in German.
    Area: 18 844 km²; Population: 3.6 million; ITU country code: BEL (as part of Belguim); callsign prefix: ON~OT

Radio stations in the Netherlands / Radiozenders in Nederland

Amsterdam radio stationsRotterdam radio stationsThe Hague radio stationsGroningen radio stations    more ...

    Radio broadcasting in the Netherlands began in 1919 (PCGG Nederlandsche Radio-Industrie, The Hague), FM radio was introduced in 1954 and DAB digital radio in 2004. NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep) is the main public broadcaster, with 3 national, 4 regional stations and several digital channels, including external service Radio Netherlands Worldwide. 13 regional public broadcasting stations form the RPO (Regionale Publieke Omroep). First private radio station launched in 1988. Broadcasting is regulated by the Dutch Media Authority – CvdM (Commissariaat voor de Media). Currently there are 9 national commercial networks and 250 local stations in the Netherlands, using 760 FM and many low-power MW transmitters; DAB digital radio with 3 national and 18 regional multiplexes. Primary languages on radio is Dutch.
    Area: 41 542 km²; Population: 17.9 million; ITU country code: HOL; callsign prefix: PA~PJ

Radio stations in Luxembourg / Radiostatiounen zu Lëtzebuerg

Luxembourg radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Luxembourg began in 1924. Compagnie luxembourgeoise de radiodiffusion (CLR) makes its first regular long wave broadcast in 1931, on MW from 1948, on FM from 1959 and today is known as RTL (Radio Télévision Luxembourg). The only public radio station in the Grand Duchy is Radio 100,7 . Broadcasting is regulated by the Luxembourg Independent Audiovisual Authority – ALIA (Autorité luxembourgeoise indépendante de l'audiovisuel). Currently there are 16 radio stations in Luxembourg, using 41 FM transmitters and one remaining LW transmitter. Medium wave broadcasting ended in 2015. Many radio stations from Germany, France and Belgium are also receivable in the country. Primary languages on radio are Luxembourgish, German and French.
    Area: 2 586 km²; Population: 672 thou.; ITU country code: LUX; callsign prefix: LX

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