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European Radio Map: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova

Европейская радио карта: Россия-Беларусь-Украина-Молдова / Еўрапейская радыё карта: Расія-Беларусь-Украіна-Малдова / Європейська радіо карта: Росія-Білорусь-Україна-Молдова / Harta de radio a Europei: Rusia-Belarus-Ucraina-Moldova

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Radio stations in Russia / Радиостанции в России

Moscow radio stationsSaint Petersburg radio stationsEkaterinburg radio stationsNovosibirsk radio stations    more ...

    Radio broadcasting in Russia began in 1919 (NRL, Nizhny Novgorod), 1922 (RA1 Comintern radio, Moscow). After 1924 Radioperedacha (Радиопередача) became the first radio network in Soviet Union. First FM transmitters were tested in 1931, launched in 1946 on 42-50 MHz band, changed in 1952 to 65.8-74 MHz. From 1991 onward, most of stations are using 87.5-108 MHz FM band. The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company – VGTRK (ВГТРК) is the national state-owned public broadcaster with four radio networks, and over 80 regional branches. Many republics operate regional broadcasting companies, including: GTRK LNR , TRK Bashkortostan , ChGTRK Grozny , NTRK Chuvashii , RGVK Dagestan , NTRK Ingushetia , KChR Media , TRK Krym , NVK Sakha , TNV Tatarstan , TRK Udmurtia , OTRK Ugra . International online-based radio service in 31 languages Sputnik , formerly known as Radio Moscow and Voice of Russia on Shortwave. Broadcasting is regulated by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications - Roskomnadzor (Роскомнадзор). First private radio station launched in 1990. Today, the largest radio companies include Gazprom Media with 6 networks, European Media Group (EMG) with 6 networks, Russian Media Group (RMG) with 4 networks. Broadcasting on AM was largely discontinued after 2014. Currently there are 38 national networks and over 450 local stations in Russia, using over 8000 FM and 20 MW active transmitters. Primary language on radio is Russian with minority-language stations in some of the republics.
    Area: 17 208 792 km²; Population: 150 million; ITU country code: RUS; callsign prefix: R, UA~UI

Radio stations in Belarus / Радыёстанцыі ў Беларусі

Minsk radio stationsGomel radio stationsVitebsk radio stationsBrest radio stations    more ...

    Radio broadcasting in Belarus began in 1925 (RA18 Minsk). National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus – Belteleradiocompany (Белтэлерадыёкампанія) operates 5 national radio channels and 5 regional branches on FM (65.8-74.0 and 87.5-108.0 MHz), international service Radio Belarus in 9 languages. Broadcasting is regulated by the Ministry of Information – MinInform (Міністэрства інфармацыі). Currently there are 11 commercial radio networks and many local radio stations in Belarus; over 440 FM radio transmitters. Primary languages on radio are Belarusian and Russian.
    Area: 207 600 km²; Population: 9.2 million; ITU country code: BLR; callsign prefix: EU~EW

Radio stations in Ukraine / Радіостанції в Україні

Kyiv radio stationsKharkiv radio stationsOdesa radio stationsLviv radio stations    more ...

    Radio broadcasting in Ukraine began in 1924 (RA43 Kharkov), first radio in Western Ukraine was established in 1930 (Polskie Radio Lwów), FM radio was introduced in 1953, first private radio station launched in 1991. The National Radio Company of Ukraine – NRCU (Національна радіокомпанія України) operates 3 national radio channels, international service Radio Ukraine International in 4 languages, and together with 24 regional branches, is part of National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine – NSTU (Національна суспільна телерадіокомпанія України). Broadcasting is regulated by the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting – NacRada (Національна рада України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення). Currently there are 18 commercial radio networks and many local radio stations in Ukraine; over 1100 FM radio transmitters (65.8-74.0 and 87.5-108.0 MHz) and 3 MW active transmitters. Primary language on radio is Ukrainian.
    Area: 493 000 km² (de facto); Population: 30 million; ITU country code: UKR; callsign prefix: EM~EO, UR~UZ

Radio stations in Moldova / Posturi de radio în Moldova

Chișinău radio stationsBălți radio stationsComrat radio stationsTaraclia radio stations

    Moldavian broadcasting began in 1928 (Balta, today in Ukraine). First radio station in Chișinău was established in 1939 (Radio Besarabia, Ținutul Nistru). Teleradio-Moldova – TRM is the national public broadcaster with three radio channels. Broadcasting is regulated by the Audiovisual Council – Consiliul Audiovizual . Currently there are twelve commercial radio networks and many local radio stations in Moldova; over 270 FM radio transmitters (65.8-74.0 and 87.5-108.0 MHz), three active MW transmitters. Primary language on radio is Moldovan (Romanian), with some stations in Russian, minority language radio stations in Bulgarian and Gagauz in Southern part of Moldova.
    Area: 30 301 km²; Population: 2.5 million; ITU country code: MDA; callsign prefix: ER

    Radio stations in Gagauzia / Радиостанции в Гагаузии

Comrat radio stations

    Gagauzia Radio Television – GRT (Gagauziya Radio Televizionu) is the autonomy's main public broadcaster with one radio station. Primary languages on radio are Gagauz and Russian.
    Area: 1 832 km² (de facto); Population: 134 thou.; ITU country code: MDA (as part of Moldova); callsign prefix: ER

Radio stations in Transnistria / Радиостанции в Приднестровье

Tiraspol radio stationsRybnitsa radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Soviet Moldavia began in 1930 (RV57 Tiraspol). Transdniestrian State TV and Radio Company – PGTRK (Приднестровская Государственная Телерадиокомпания) is the government broadcaster with two radio channels. Broadcasting is regulated by the State Service of Mass Media – GSSMI (Государственная служба средств массовой информации). Currently there are several local commercial FM radio stations and radio relays from Russia, a well as three powerful MW transmitters in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Primary language on radio is Russian.
    Area: 3 550 km²; Population: 465 thou.; ITU country code: none, PMR (unofficial); callsign prefix: none, T1 (unofficial)

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